Coaching Services

View our current options of Training Programs for Cycling and Triathlon or contact us to customize a program and fees to fit your needs.

Services Available

  • Training Plans for Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, Triathlon etc.
  • Full Access Coaching
  • Performance Nutrition Consultation and Mentoring
  • Functional Strength Training

We offer the accessibility you need from your coach with a customized program and fees that work for you. Get the support you need, with a program based on your current fitness, specific goals, strengths and weaknesses, work/family schedule, and past athletic history.

We will help you outline your season goals and race calendar, establishing a periodized annual training plan with a foundation of metrics based on heart rate and/or power. Periodic self-testing measures will gauge your improvement, allowing us to adapt the program as you progress.

When it comes to nutrition, we won’t don’t just give guidelines. At your request, we can offer specific recommendations on the foods to eat and where to get them, along with menu planning, recipes, and cooking education. A periodized nutrition plan will give you the energy and body composition you need to optimize your athletic performance and potential.

While a debate ensues about the specific benefits of strength training for sport, there is no arguing the benefits to overall health, longevity and quality of life. Significant evidence also exists for the benefits of strength training to improve body composition. Strength training doesn’t have to take a lot of time or a significant equipment investment. Contact us about functional strength training, whether you’re unsure how to get started or you need a specific plan to improve your sport performance.