Custom Training Programs for Cycling and Triathlon

Whether you are training for triathlon, road cycling, mountain bike or multi-sport – ready to race or looking for fitness and fun – we can create the plan to help you reach your goals. Contact us now to get started.

**Current clients, these packages and pricing will take effect January 1, 2014.**

Additional services available
(charged at $75.00/hr)

  • One-on-one or phone consultation
  • On-the-bike assessment and ride time with coach
  • Analysis of heart rate and/or power files from training and/or racing
  • Assistance in developing a specific race plan
  • Pre and post-event consultation
  • On-bike skills training
  • Nutrition analysis for performance
  • One-on-one strength and conditioning

If you are self-motivated and understand periodized training, choose Level 1 at $150 for 4-week training block or $250 for 8-week training block. After an initial consultation with goal setting, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Individualized training program based on your current schedule, past athletic history, injury status and performance goals
  • Initial field testing for power and/or heart rate training zones, depending on your equipment resources (re-evaluated as necessary). As available, each workout will be based on these data as well as Rate of Perceived Exertion.
  • 4-week training blocks of descriptive daily workouts and recovery, progressively adapted to your development and/or external factors. Vacations, planned rest weeks, and pre-scheduled events will be built in to the plan. Revisions after the training block is in progress incur additional consultation fees.
  • Daily workouts can include cycling, running, swimming, strength training and /or planned cross-training as specified by the athlete.
  • Unlimited email and text message access to coach with typical response in less than 24 hours. Lengthy discussions better suited to consultation time will be treated as such. Please respect the coach’s time and use email rather than text messages for issues that do not require immediate attention.
  • Discounts to CSC clinics and presentations
  • $75 start-up fee and 8-week initial commitment

When a training plan is not enough and you know you want regular access to your coach’s expertise and feedback, choose Level 2 at $375 per 8-week training block. In addition to everything above, you receive 2 hours consultation time for your choice of:

  • further discussion of training plan and your periodized season
  • analysis of heart rate and/or power files
  • assistance in developing a specific race plan
  • pre and post-event consultation
  • nutrition analysis
  • ride time with coach, including skills training
  • One-on-one strength and conditioning