Weekly Road Skills Practice! Join Us!

Join us Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00PM for on-going skills practice and assessment. Each night of practice will have a unique focus and performance goals to improve your riding. Rides will begin at Wheel & Sprocket – Fox Point, promptly at 5:30. Costs are $20 per ride or $55 per session. 10 riders max, sign up early! Minimum of 5 riders required.

Online Registration Here

Session One – Fundamentals

August 17 – Bike handling for safety and efficiency, including shifting and braking strategies for improved performance.

Learn how to use your posture on the bike, weight distribution and subtle shifting and braking practices to maintain momentum and draw energy from the terrain.

August 24 – Group Riding skills basics and enhancement.

Feel comfortable and safe riding with a group. Practice tips to keep yourself protected in the draft and gain the confidence to know that any rider would be happy to follow your wheel.

August 31 – Cornering and Turns

Gain the fundamentals to corner safely and the experience to corner at speed and in a group.

Session Two – Speed

September 7 – Climbing and Descending

Concentrated training and strategies for improved hill climbing and descending.

September 14 – Sprinting, Jumps and Lead-Outs

Not for the faint of heart, this speed practice will take you through the training and techniques to stay on a wheel when a rider attacks, to set up a teammate for a sprint finish and to gain an advantage jumping out of fast corners. Most important, this practice will be fun! How often to you have permission to go this fast!?

September 21 – Team Time Trial

Even if you never race a team time trial, these skills are essential to your everyday riding experience. Small groups will learn to work together seamlessly, pushing the limits of speed and fluidity.

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