Road and Cyclocross Skills Upcoming

Road Skills – Group Riding

Get comfortable riding with a group, or take it to the next level. Learn how to stay protected, take a strong pull, work with other riders and sit on when you need to. Keeping a group intact is a specialized skill that takes practice and tact. Here you’ll learn how to act as the stronger rider and how to hang on when you’re not. Leave knowing the universal language, skills and actions to be welcome on group rides everywhere.

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Bike Handling Skills for Cyclocross

August 26 @ 5:45 pm

Any roadies and mountain bikers looking for a fun fall activity should try cyclocross. In this one-night clinic, we’ll learn the secrets to this fun event from mounts and dismounts to cornering and riding skinny tires on grass, gravel, dirt, mud and ice/snow. Master the hills, barriers, carrying your bike and how to go fast off-road.

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