Road and Mountain Bike Training and Skills Upcoming

Road Skills – Group Riding

Monday, June 3 – 5:45-7:45 pm

Get comfortable riding with a group, or take it to the next level. Learn how to stay protected, take a strong pull, work with other riders and sit on when you need to. Keeping a group intact is a specialized skill that takes practice and tact. Here you’ll learn how to act as the stronger rider and how to hang on when you’re not. Leave knowing the universal language, skills and actions to be welcome on group rides everywhere.
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Performance Training – Sprinting and Speed

Wednesday, June 5 – 6:00 – 8:00pm

Speed training is used to develop quickness and explosive power. It involves short, intense periods of cycling, from about five to 30 seconds in duration with long recovery periods. Learn More … or Register Now!

  • Improve your reaction time and efficiency
  • Train your body to recruit the necessary muscles
  • Learn a sense of relaxation at a faster pace
  • Add variety to your workouts

Mountain Bike Skills – Bike Handling and Shifting

Monday, June 10 – 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Our small group will meet at Kletzsch Park in Glendale at the parking lot near the river in the north end of the park (map here and spend the next couple of hours with progressive bike-handling drills that will improve your confidence, balance, and body position on the bike. We’ll also cover basic bike function and how to use shifting techniques for efficient and trouble-free riding. Plus, you may take home a few tricks to impress your riding buddies. We’ll cover:

  • Mount/dismount
  • Braking and shifting
  • How and when to ride standing
  • Balance/body position
  • Pedaling efficiency
  • Visual skills
  • Roll-over, step-up, drop-off
  • Wheel lifts
  • Bunny hop
  • Obstacle course, log stacks, rock gardens, etc.

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Cost is $20 for a drop-in practice or $75.00 for each 4-week session. Further discounts apply if you register for additional Skills Sessions, click here for details and to register. Sessions require a 5 rider minimum.

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