Upcoming Skills Sessions – Road and Mountain

Both of the upcoming skills sessions for road and mountain bike follow similar format with a weekend skills workshop and follow-up practice sessions. It will be very beneficial for all riders to attend the weekend session.  The weekend skills workshops are where most of the groundwork will be laid and the group(s) will learn to work cohesively. The mid-week practice nights are for cementing the learning and implementation of the skills. I’ve never had anyone who was “too experienced for” the initial weekend session.

Below is a snapshot of the progression – fundamental to advanced, broken down into technical drills. While the fundamental skills are the same, the drills, terrain and ways of learning can be different whether on the road or off.

  • principles for safe bicycling and managing obstacles
  • correct body positioning and balance on the bike
  • braking, shifting and proper gear selection
  • efficient pedaling techniques
  • cornering techniques for speed and safety
  • hill climbing and descending
  • group riding, drafting and paceline proficiency (road session only)
I hope to see you there!
Learn more on our events pages for road riding and mountain bike.

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